October 24, 2011

A Foggy Monday

This morning I woke up to fog, and it really felt like fall was here! I love fall!

Yesterday, we participated in a very fall event here in Memphis, the River Arts Fest. 

We went with the Jenny and Darrin. 

We saw some art. 

Lots of people turned out after the morning rain was gone. 

There were some delicious looking food vendors, but we were strong and refrained. 

The neat thing about the festival is there are lots of different types of artists: glass blowers, painters, photographers and jewelers.

The sun seemed to be at eye level, but that didn't stop Darrin from photo bombing our picture!

We took a little rest from walking around and found a patio. 

I walked past this life-sized poster of a Grizzly's basketball player, and I had to have my photo taken with it. That dude is huge...and I am short. 

In other news, Chris and I came home to find this

I had left a bottle of dry mustard out, and apparently Porter thought he needed it. You can see that the cap has been popped open and there is a hole in it. Thankfully, the bottle wasn't very full, and no dry mustard spilled out that I could tell. He was just curled up with it in his bed. So strange, little kitten!

**Thanks to Chris for taking all these photos!**

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