October 1, 2009

Why the blog world is amazing

So as a blogger, I follow many other blogs. And, as someone who loves food, cooking food, shopping for food, and all things real-food related, I follow a lot of food blogs. One that I have mentioned on my blog before is www.marxfoods.com. They offer amazingly unique food selections, and their blog is always filled with great recipe ideas.
Well the other day, they had a give away that asked readers to answer a certain question pertaining to another food blog. I was familiar with this and so I left a comment with the answer. Turns out I won! Check out the wining blog here, and be sure to click on "Comments" if you can't see my actual comment.

So, what did I win? I box full of goodie!!

I received a large box filled with a variety of specialty salts, dried chilies and dried mushrooms. The quantity of these high-quality food products blew my mind! All for leaving a comment on a blog.

My box contained a kitchen-island full of goodies!
You can see the packets all lined up of dried chilies in every variety, flavored salts and natural salts from different areas of the world, and plenty of dried mushrooms.

Some of the highlights from my box include:
14 varieties of salt.

One of which is Lime Salt. There is also espresso salt, pink Himalayan salt, Smoked Sea Salt and Ginger salt.

There are more dried chiles than I know what to do with, but I'm excited to start experimenting. The latest blog post on MarxFoods.com talks about how to use Ghost Chilies to make spicy vodka. Yeah, I have Ghost Chilies.

And, last but not least, I have all kinds of wonderful mushrooms. Look at these dried black trumpet mushrooms! I can't wait to find just the right recipe for these guys.

So this is why the blog world is so great. Marxfoods.com is really cool for all their unique recipes, and you can actually order all kinds of amazingly exotic foods.
I'll start experimenting with all my great ingredients, and keep you posted!!


  1. I'm so impressed and jealous!

  2. you and anna win EVERYTHING!!!

  3. Areta is right...you darn little people win everything! And I am impressed and jealous as well!


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