February 1, 2010

Blog Resolution

Dear blog,

You're missing everything. Well, we are missing everything. We've missed Harry's visit and me hosting Bunko. Sad, sad.

Here's the story.

This is my camera.

Not bad. It gets the job done. The problem is here is where is stays.

In its case, in a drawer. It doesn't seem to be with me during all the cool things like Harry visiting or a house full of girls for bunko night.

My resolution is to keep my camera on me ALL THE TIME. If you see me out, ask me where my camera is. If it's not within arm's reach, I fail. This is my resolution!

In an effort to put something new on my blog, here's a recap of some really important things: animal things.

This next video is terrible quality because there is lots of noise from my camera I think, and from Porter bumping his head against my camera. But its purpose is to record the sound of the universe: cat purring.

Oh, and did I mention he's ferocious with paper towels too?

And his love for water. Every time we turn the sink on, he's right there waiting. He will even get in the sink and then look up at us like, "hello, where's the cool water stuff?"

So to recap: I'm going to get better about blogging, and Porter is going to keep being the coolest cat in the world.


  1. Bill was in my lap while I watched the videos of Porter. He was really watching intently and meowing. I think he was saying hello, but hard to tell. I have never seen a cat love water that much. So funny.

  2. For the record. I had no idea all of this was happenign under my own roof.

  3. Hi Allison! I'm glad Kathy swapped our blog addresses!

    These are too cute. Porter looks A LOT like Lou, especially in the video stills!


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