February 21, 2010

Mi Madre

This is my mom.

She and I lived together and have known each other for a long time. We tend to have our own language.

And, we like each other.

Then we met these hooligans.

Ok, not true hooligans, but they wish. Together, we may equal a group of hooligans.

Anyway, Mom and I decided that we needed a girls' weekend. Chris was gone visiting his family, and so Mom jaunted across the bridge and came to see me.

My mom brings lots of bags.

Thankfully, she also like to grocery shop for good food with me.

Every time Chris is gone I make guacamole, and this time was no different. We found the most beautiful cilantro at Whole Foods.

I took a picture of the finished guacamole, but it didn't look too appetizing.Just trust me that it was good!

Either way, Mom and I still made time to sit in bed with a cat and girl talk.

Porter liked getting caught up with the important goings on.


A good girls', plus Porter, weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Mom, guacamole, and good food shopping...I think I have had the exact same trip with my mom! Gotta love mom time, nothing like it.


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