April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Porter!

Porter, you're two years old today (plus a little probably.)

Two years ago, Chris brought home Porter. He found him outside a bar, late at night, with no mother or family in site. (In reality, Grace and I were waiting patiently at home!)

Porter was so tiny!

(The artwork on the fridge was Bryce's, not Chris' as you might think.)

 Grace wasn't sure what to think of him, but she was so good with him. I think it helped that he was so little.

And, I loved him. Note how big his ears and paws were compared to his little body. 

He loved playing with Grace's tail...and still does.

And getting into places he didn't belong.

And laying on Grace's bed, where he didn't belong.

 And on me, where of course he belonged!

Then, we finally put him to work.

But he still found his way into places he didn't belong.

But he is so cute!

Happy Birthday Port Man. We love you!!

Now get out of the sink and put that stopper back!


  1. Our cats have the same anniversary, only a year apart! Happy birthday, Porter!

  2. Tell my grandcat Happy Birthday and that we'll have a good fight real soon!

  3. Porter looks so tiny in his Grace's bed. And those large ears are so cute.


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