April 2, 2010

New Orleans, Part II: Still Friday

So to recap: we had a parade with this guy upon our arrival.

What could be better than that??
Ummm, maybe these two getting ENGAGED!

Just think, when we were in Hammond, they were only boyfriend and girlfriend, but by that night, they were ENGAGED!
This is Jenny's first photo as an engaged lady: 

We all toasted the happily engaged couple at dinner.

Laura and Jenny celebrating and smiling:

All the gals, who played 20 (okay a million) wedding questions with Jenny the remainder of the trip.

Poor Darrin kept all the engaged excitement all to himself in Hammond. 

But now he's so happy!!!

Friday, you were awesome! Hammond was fun, the parade was hilarious, and Jenny and Darrin GOT ENGAGED!

Could Saturday be better?? As good? Just cool?

To be continued...

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