April 12, 2010

The animals

So I've been working at home for a while, but the animals are still adjusting. Chris was out of town most of last week, and this is how Grace compensated. She thought that if she could stick her nose in his clothes, she would feel better. Separation anxiety, anyone? 

Then, a few days, she would come in the office and curl up in the smallest space possible. At least she's good looking. 

"Um, Mother, I'm so glad you are here more often, but I really need to sleep, get my beauty rest and play with that dog. I love you, and will speak with you in a bit."

"Mo-aam, I love you, and can we play now? What are you dooooing?"

"I'm so cute, and I need my belly rubbed. Moooom, please!"

I may have a few harry distractions, but I'm loving the new developments in my life. You never know what will fall in your lap!

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