April 30, 2010

Charitable Contributions

Chris and I have gotten a whole ton better at navigating through Memphis. We're pretty awesome at getting from our daily places to our other daily places, but once in a while we find ourselves at one new place and not quite sure how to get to another new place.

So we pull out the handy dandy iPhone or Garmin. And, it seems like we always find ourselves on an adventure.

A few weekends ago, we were traveling between some new places one afternoon, and the Garmin directed us through some neighborhoods we don't usually travel. We came to a stoplight, and there was a group of young kids, boys, all wearing red jerseys with numbers but no team name on the back, and traveling car-to-car getting money. They were putting the money in an upside-down football helmet.

Chris pulled some change out of his pocket, and handed it to one of the kids.

"There's a block party right down that street that you can go to if you want," the kid says. "They have hot dogs."

"Oh, okay thanks," Chris replied.

The kid moved on to the next car, and I busted out laughing.

"What did you just give that kid money for?" I asked.


"I guess I don't know," Chris said, "but we can go to the block party if we want."

We both busted up laughing at this point, and continued to our original destination.

"At least they were all wearing the same jersey," I said.

"Yeah, I feel better about that," he said.

Oh Memphis, you are such a gem.

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  1. Well at least you earned a little extra good karma.


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