May 16, 2010

We own a home...and things break

When we got up Wednesday, our kitchen sink faucet had only a little drip to it. Uh, oo.

After work, my hubby got us a new faucet and went to work. 

And he did it!

It's definitely an upgrade from our other one, and I'm really excited about some of its features.

Look at that cute soap dispenser. 

Look how it has the pull-out sprayer. 

And, I love the big arch because all my pots and pans fit easily under it. 

Sometimes things break, but sometimes you get nicer things to replace it with. 

Good installation job, Chris!

1 comment:

  1. I totally know how you can get excited over a faucet. Our first apartment in San Francisco had a crappy old faucet with no features at all and just one big sink. Then we moved and now have a dual sinks and a nice pull our faucet that doubles as a sprayer too! I sure love kitchen inventions, hope I have the ability to design my own kitchen one day.


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