May 10, 2010

Chris' Birthday in May

So Chris' birthday was actually in March, and for his birthday, he received this video.

Last Saturday, we were finally able to enjoy his birthday present. Notice I said "we." I'm no fool!
We got dressed up, and had dinner at Sole. We sat outside since it was so nice. These pictures aren't great because we were in the sun, but we were there!

Dinner was really good, and I used a GroupOn coupon so it was a good deal too!

The concert was great, and I think Chris really enjoyed it. It was actually at the Orpheum, not the FedExForum as our photo was lead you to believe. I really liked the Orpheum better, especially since the show was all about her music. It felt much more like an intimate jazz club. 

Happy Birthday, Chris, Again!

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  1. You two look so elegant and sophisticated! Miss y'all!


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