May 12, 2010

If you're looking for brown velvet trim, I bought it all

Alternative titles for this post could be: 

Get Off My Back Hubs, I Got Lamps!
T.J. Maxx, You Saved My Marriage
I Channeled Martha Stewart...briefly 

So if you've ever read my blog, you probably came across a post or two, or 12, on my problem finding bedside lamps. I take my time when making purchases. I want to be sure I love it, and that I get a good deal...all the time. 

I've been on the hunt for bedside lamps for quite some time, and poor Hubs had just about had it. I agreed with him that our current lamp situation, or really lack there of, was not ideal. The only lamp in the room was on his side, and I would usually be up later than him, and so inevitably I'd nudge him awake to turn off the lamp. Or, I'd want to read, but have to go to bed when he got tired. Not to  mention, the little lamp we had was not esthetically pleasing to me.

Several weeks ago, I visited T.J. Maxx and saw this lamp. 

Oh how I loved it. I love the shape, the shade, the material, and even the color. However, I didn't think that blue would look right next to the fabric on our headboard. But man, I loved that lamp. So I slept on it. I asked my crafty friend if I could paint it. Thought about it and thought about it. And I decided to buy them and paint them. 

I called the store to make sure they were still there since the store was quite a drive for me. The lady who answered the phone told me there was just one. Just one of my now favorite lamps. And I was sad. And, I started the lamp search all over no avail. We were destined to have no light, no lamp and no interior design style. Woe as me. 

This week I had truly given up hope, and assumed I would have to settle for some run-of-the-mill lamps. But, I was going to be out in the area of the T.J. Maxx, and I decided to drop in anyway. 

There were not only TWO blue lamps but TWO of these beauties!

Well hello lovely! 

I really considered buying all four right then and there, but I refrained and only purchased the two white ones. I was so excited, but also a little nervous. My beautiful lamps were white. Really white. And our bedding is white, really white, and I got afraid that I couldn't sleep with all the shiny white. 

That's when I channeled Martha Stewart. 

"Go to the craft store, Allison," she said. "Go and buy brown trim. Buy brown trim that matches your bedding, and trim the shades. Go and make custom lamp shades!"

And since Martha commanded, I obeyed. 

I found the perfect, the most ideal, brown velvet trim, and I bought every spool I could find. I even bought all the spools at a second Hobby Lobby location just in case. I had to have all the trim I could find. 

And so I trimmed. 



After with the light on.

The room complete (with slightly off-center bed making)

The view from the door

We have lamps!

We have custom lamps!

Did I mention they were from T.J. Maxx, and the small price I paid for them would make you pass out? 

So thanks T.J. Maxx, Hobby Lobby, crafty friend, Hubs and Martha. 

It takes a village.

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  1. Those are so perfect it is scary. You are the new Martha.


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