May 12, 2010

A Traveling Mother's Day

"Hey Mom, Happy Mother's Day! Where are we going today? Let's go somewhere. I love to ride in the car." 

"That's a good idea Grace. Let's go see the Cooks in Mississippi for Mother's Day"

We loaded up Sunday morning and drove to see Chris' folks for Mother's Day.

It was a little rainy, but overall a nice trip. When we got there, the weather was great, and we decided to sit outside after a yummy brunch Carol fixed. 

Like father, like son?

 Like mother, like son?

The Cooks have Keesha, who is a Keeshond dog. She is afraid of all cameras, but I was able to grab a picture of her poking her head out.

She loves her daddy!

The trip took it out of Grace, and she had to sleep it off under the table.

"Glad we came Mom. Good day. Whenever you want to go home and see that cat, I'm ready."

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  1. Love the sneak peak at the Cook family!


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