August 2, 2010

Peace Out, July

Thank God it's August. July overstayed her welcome and cost me a fortune. I'm none too sad to see her go. 

My house took July's presence personally, and she fell ill.

House got overheated. A man came to woo her back below 87 degrees. He visited her three times, until finally he offered her a new damper motor. This made her happy. But only for a short period of time. 

A few days later, House became upset again, and the man returned. He returned another time after that with a control panel, and this seemed to make her happy. Until a few days later when thoughts of July turned her sour again. 

She became hot and wanted nothing to do with the first man. So another one was summoned. 

He came quickly and showered her with a new dual capacitor. This lightened her spirits, and she had a glorious weekend. 

Now, it is Monday, and House is sad again. She finds August not much better than July in fact, and has requested her latest caller to be summoned. We hope he brings something to cool her 87 degree heart.

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