August 10, 2010

The Bachelorette #2

My second bachelorette party was in Greenwood, MS, at The Alluvian and Viking Cooking School

It was for Jenny. She was excited to be there. 
And so was Laura.

Friday we went to dinner at Lusco's 

and had this waiter. 

Laura and I got into the spirit of things by splitting a wine cooler. Yes. A wine cooler was on the menu...and they only had one...and we split it in frosted mugs. We're classy ladies.

As we were leaving the restaurant, a group of older folks were leaving and asked us what we were doing there. We told them it was Jenny's bachelorette party, and they gave us bottle of wine and two Mike's Hard Limonades in celebration. 
Random? yes. Awesome? yes.

Here's the gang, sans Sarah, after dinner.

Friday night we played some games, talked a lot and went to bed. Saturday we got up, had some spa appointments and headed to lunch. 
Sarah and me at lunch. 

Saturday night was our cooking class at the Viking Cooking School. Look at the super cute aprons! The green ones were from Laura, and she had our names put on them. Jenny's apron was black and white and had her name in purple. Such great keepsakes, and they made for super cute photos.

This was the menu for the night.

We also had some wine to aid in the cooking process. 

We were all happy to be there!

This was our plate after all the cooking was done. It was a feast!

Did I mention that we got to torch our own creme bruelees? 

Jenny really had the touch. Note the torch and the brulee are on fire. 

Happy Bachelorette Party, Jenny!

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  1. I still want a red wine cooler. I may just have to buy myself a pack...


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