February 24, 2011

Porter Versus the Flowers

"Porter, what are you doing?"

"Oh nothing, Mother. Just admiring you....and these lovely flowers." 

"I feel as though they may be mocking me."

"I need to show them who's boss."

"Porter they aren't mocking you. Leave my flowers alone!"

"Just let me get one bite of them."

"Porter, you're supposed to stop and smell the flowers, not their water!"

"I must show them my cat strength!"

"Porter! Stop it!"

"Fine, Mother." 

"I shall sit in your tray now and stare at them."

"For now..."


  1. Reminds me of a Ceeta cat.

  2. OMG this cat reminds me so much of my Rusty, so now I must go and cuddle with him. GREAT pictures!

  3. A. I love cat antics.
    B. Where did you get that tray again? I want one for my new office...


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