February 13, 2011


I had never been sledding. 

It's just not in my blood to hurl myself down a slick hill on a flimsy sled toward certain brain damage. 

But after being together for almost 7 years, my husband discovered this lapse in my childhood, and he immediately took me sledding. 

This is me after my one run. I'm sitting in the bottom of an under-the-bed Rubbermaid container, wearing fleece-lined jeans, muck boots to my knees, two fleece tops underneath a rain jacket, a fleece ear warmer head band, gloves and a hat.

The best part was that Grace thought we had lost our minds. She ran next to me my entire slide down. 
Here's Chris preparing for his run. 

See the plastic container/sled?

Thankfully I was able to capture this moment.

Want to see it larger? I thought so.

Grace was trying to eat Chris' face off. 

Best part of sledding.

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  1. Ok the last two sentences in this post just made me double over in laughter. Awesome.


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