February 15, 2011

Another snow post

It seems silly to blog about snow when it's almost 70 degrees here today, but better late than never!

You saw our sledding adventure, but here are some photos of the actual snow fall and neighborhood. 
I took this video to show how fast the snow was actually falling.

Porter was pretty content to stay in his heated bed and watch the snow from indoors. 

 Grace and I ventured outside on our balcony to get a good view. 

Snow-covered pup. 

For this next set of photographs, I set up my tripod in our kitchen window. I took 2 photographs every 30 minutes to show the increase of the snow buildup. 

It's not an exact science, but if you scroll kind of quickly, you can see the change over time. 

We'll see if this is our last snow of the winter or not.

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