August 11, 2011

10 things you'd never think to ask

I've been on a small blog break, and I thought it would be fun to get back in the swing of writing by sharing a few quirky things about myself that you all may not know. 

1. I love to write with pencils. For some reason I think my handwriting looks better, and I just like the feel of pencils. 

2. I use a Caboodle as a jewelry box, and it still has the price tag on it. I purchased it after my jewelry box was stolen during the Robbery of 2009. I have no idea why I haven't taken the tag off of it. Maybe I thought I would return it some day, but no. I'm still using it. 

3. Every morning around 4:30 a.m. Porter jumps on my side of the bed and lays on my chest while I scratch his face. Yes, it wakes me up, but I just don't care. He's so cute. 

4. I've created a spice mix that I add to my coffee each morning. It's a blend of sugar, cinnamon, cocoa powder and cayenne pepper. I was inspired by the Mayan cappuccino at Cafe Eclectic. Delicious! And, it's a whole lot cheaper to make it at your house. 

5. I have a pair of Gap denim shorts that are more than 10 years old. I'm wearing them right now. They are the ideal weekend, grocery shopping, working around the house, shorts, and they are still as good as when I--or probably my mom--purchased them. 

6. I don't listen to music. If I'm driving in the car, I either listen to NPR or nothing. I like silence. When I'm working, I often have NPR playing on my computer. There are not many instances when I think, " Man, I need some music on!" I've been known to have the occasional dance party or crank up music in the house once in a while, but most of the time, I like silence. I know, I'm weird.   

7. I love lists and calendars. See, this post is a list. Lists get me through the day and keep me sane. My calendar has every important fact and reminder on it. I get it from my grandmother. She knows the exact days my family purchased cars, homes, boats and moved to different houses. She's my calendar idol. 

8. Basil is my favorite herb.

9. I cook from scratch everyday. I don't believe in processed or ready-made foods and ingredients. It's okay if you do. I just don't. 

10. I was the tallest person in my Kindergarten class. Then I pretty much stopped growing. It's cool. 5'2" looks good on me. 

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  1. I once lost my google calendar, and I swear I thought the world was going to end.  I totally hear you on #7!!!


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