August 6, 2011

Dining room wall updated

I've been updating my dining room wall, filling in some of those empty wall spaces. 

This is a photo I took at our farm. Doesn't it look like some hidden secret liar?

I created this piece myself. I was inspired by a WestElm catalog that showed a similar work of "art" in one of their room scenes. I used a blue pencil and a black marker from my art box, and I traced various sizes of bowls from my cabinet. 

Here's my pea pod hung on the wall. 

I took this photo at our farm, and I really like the vibrant colors. 

This is also from the farm, and I turned it black and white when I printed it. 

So this is the updated wall. I'm pretty happy with it! You can see there's still one empty spot between the black and white road photo and the olive photo. 

I'm waiting for inspiration to hit me for that one. Suggestions? 


  1. Love all the new additions. Great personal artwork and beautiful pictures from the farm.  I especially like the B & W.

  2. Your wall is lovely!  So many interesting colours and textures to catch the eye.  I really love the flower photo from your farm.


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