August 23, 2011

Happy House Anniversary!

Today is the anniversary of our house! We moved in on this date in 2009. You can read the saga with us purchasing this house here, and here, and here. But the bottom line is: We got the house!

This is a photo I took when Chris and I first saw the house. I think we were talking about what an amazing chandelier we would hang there one day. 

This is me on move-in day with our key. Note: those are the denim shorts from here

This is a photo of me with our SOLD sign. 

The day we moved in, we had incredible friends, Sarah and Charlie, who drove from North Little Rock and Matt and Laura, who we had not met until that day. Everyone helped us move in and then went to dinner with us at Gus' World Famous Fried Chicken. Shockingly these people are still friends with us. The dirt, grim and sweat from moving did not deter them. Good peeps.

This is move-in night, and the first time Chris sat in his Man Chair in its new spot. 

Porter discovered he loves carpet. Even though this is blurry, you can see he loved his new home. 

This was our first weekend in our house. A fancy brunch on our balcony.  

I can't believe all of this was three years ago! 

Dear House, 

We love you. We have taken our time working on you (mostly because Air Conditioner has been taking all our money) and making you ours. We especially like your balcony and fenced yard. And your kitchen and your high ceilings. Thanks for three great years. 

Love, Allison, Christopher, Porter and Grace

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