May 18, 2011

The Swarm

"What cha' looking at, Porter?"

Oh yeah. Our continual swarm of hummingbirds!

Sometimes they will sit together and eat.

But, then they all jump and scatter.

Porter finds all of this intriguing.

I count eight in this photo.

Ever since the cold weather broke a few weeks ago, we've seen a constant swarm of hummers.

They look like bees swarming a hive!

They are drinking us out of sugar, but I love watching them fly around, fight with each other and generally be cute. So they can swarm us all they want!

I see nine in this photo.

They've even found funny places to perch to await their turn. You can see one on the fence in the above photo, and this one is seated on Chris' tomato cage.

 Happy Hummingbird Season!

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