May 5, 2011

River Watch 2011, no parking

So here's our latest report. These photos were taken on Wednesday. 

This photo is taken looking toward the place I've been taking all the other photos. Do you see the very small man? He's standing where I have been standing. 

This photo is in comparison 

to these two photo. Where that lady and other people are standing is under water. 

This photo is where I parked my car

 on Tuesday. This photo was taken when I was standing at my front door. So the perspective is different but the location is the same. The above photo shows where my car was, and this below photo shows the view from my car. Make sense?

This is the Wednesday photo from the same spot I've been using. Same bird house, same far-right marker tree on the right. Yeah, the water is much past the tree line. 

 These next photos are another look at where I parked on Tuesday, just to show the waves that are coming in. Those waves could end up being be more dangerous than the actual river level. 

Here's one of our beautiful trees, which you should be able to see the entire trunk...and another 35 feet to the left. 

Last weekend, Chris worked on our good flood Karma and helped make sandbags for the city. Here he is with his work people. He's in the light blue shirt. 

 We're still okay, but I do think "the flood of 2011" will become a story we annoy our children with. 

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