May 20, 2011

A place for everything

And everything in its place!

I've been after Chris for quite some time about the sideboard in our dining room. 

I knew in my heart that it actually belonged in our bedroom. The wood and lines would go with our bed perfectly.

However, the only kind of change Chris likes is the kind in his pocket. 

The movers had put our dining room table facing into the window. In Chris' mind, the table was put in glue. Now, we couldn't turn the table without moving the sideboard. Soooo...we just lived with it.

The really good thing about the sideboard in the dining room was that it offered incredible storage and a nice place to serve or place cakes and presents.

Finally, I broke. I wanted to purchase new chairs for our dining table, and I knew the table needed to be turned to make that happen, AND the sideboard would finish out our master bedroom. 

SO, I cleaned out the sideboard. Turned out that if I reorganized my other cabinets, all of our things would fit.

Empty sideboard...minus the cat.  

With the sideboard empty, I asked Chris to move it into our bedroom. And then I left the house. Somethings are better done without me there. 

When I returned home, I asked Chris to help me move the table 180 degrees. He obliged. Then he said, "that looks better already." 

Yes, sir. Yes, it does. 

Now, we just need a small cabinet of some kind for the space on the right. And we need to rehang the mirror to be centered. And we need new chairs and really a new table. And we need some more art. 

Maybe this is why Chris isn't a fan of change?

Then Chris went out of town. So I went shopping. 

I found these two canvases for our bedroom and the box lamp. I wanted two of the lamps, but there was only one. I think it looks good, but I may hunt for a matching one. With a few more touches, our bedroom may actually be finished!

Now back to shopping. 

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