May 6, 2011

River Watch 2011, Island Life

Today brings another day in our Flood 2011. 

This photo is from the north end of the island. Can you see the light post in this photo?

There are a few light posts in this photo. This is actually a very large parking lot. If you look closely, you can see the light post in the center of the photo. Notice how far out it is. That's how big the parking lot is.

You should not see ANY water in this photo.

This is our bird house. It's the bird house that I have been using as my marker in all my previous post. I felt sad when we rode our bikes today and found it sideways.

This is a photo of where I've been standing to take all the photos in the previous posts. I've stood with my back to the bike rack and shot to the side of the metal hoops. 

Today, the city began building up part of the main road onto the island. We only have one way in and out of the island now, and part of that road is lower than the elevation that the river will crest at on Wednesday. So, they have been building up that section of the road to keep the river out. They've been working on the roads today, and cut the roundabout down to two lanes. Crazy traffic.

This is a photo of the sand/dirt elevation they are adding to the road.

This is the crazy traffic.

And, the dirt/sand. We're not sure if they will let us drive on this dirt elevation, or if they will continue to divert traffic to one lane each way.

This dirt elevation covers the right lane of the out-going lane.

Here's the thing: I love our island.

We're still safe, and I want to be sure we stay that way.

We are fine, and we appreciate all of your concern. We are so happy to see the Memphis Police Department patrolling the island, the city of Memphis building up our roads and our neighbors offering to help one another.

Life on the island isn't so bad. We're on guard and doing our due diligence to stay on top of all the information. A few of our neighbors have left for a few days and a few have had sand delivered to their yards to make sand bags, but we're okay. 

The view is nice.

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