September 8, 2011

Me and my ponytail

The first 18 years or more of my life I had a bob. 

I  loved that bob. 

I mean, come on. It was stinking cute!

Photo by Nancy Nolan
Photo by Nancy Nolan
Then, one day, Chris let it slip that he preferred long hair. Dang it! Then I was on the quest to grow it out. And grow I did. 

But, do you know what evidentially happened? I began wearing ponytails all the time. 


And some costumes with my ponytail.

Even pigtails.

My hair is so thick that by the time I would get it dry, I would be ready to be done with it. And, why waste all your time in the morning, if you can pull your hair back? I'm no hair stylist, and the round brush and Chi are my only weapons. 

Soooo, I thought it was time to shake things up! 

Hello Bob 2011. 

What do you think? It was amazing how quickly I was able to get ready this morning, and no falling back on a ponytail do!


  1. Very brave move but soooo cute.

  2. Love it!  Glad I read this, otherwise I probably wouldn't recognize you!


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