September 25, 2011

I got another nephew!

Chris and I were anxious to travel to Little Rock to meet our new nephew, Colton. 

When we got there, Colton's big brother, our first nephew Bryce, was holding him. 

Bryce was taking to his big brother role pretty well.

Colton seemed to like him too.

Bryce even gave Colton some brotherly love.

Bryce and I have always been buddies, and he's almost as tall as I am these days! You can see photos from Bryce's birth by clicking here.  You can also see when I took Bryce to the zoo by clicking here.

Finally it was my turn to meet Colton.

He's a pretty good looking guy.

And he smells wonderful! Just like a baby.

I'm a proud aunt.

Here's Colton's proud uncle.

He was pretty tired from being born, but he was just a precious as can be.

As part of my auntly duties, I brought Bryce a Big Brother basket full of goodies like Airhead candies, cotton candy, foam animal tablets that grow in water, a magnetic erasable drawing board and glow sticks. The glow sticks were a bit hit!

Bryce pieced all of the glow sticks together to make a monster glow rope.

Chris even got roped in on the glow stick fun.

After some glow stick fun, Chris and I went back to say goodnight to Colton, who was awake!

He looked a little questionable about this big world.

He figured it was easier to just go back to sleep for the time being.

We went back in the morning to get some more baby love. Colton was sleeping in his bassinet.

But I quickly resolved that issue.

Another proud aunt shot.

The next few shots are the best I got. Isn't he the cutest?

Happy birthday, Colton!

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