September 29, 2011

Washcloth lollipops: Easy Baby Gift

As I've shared, I got a new nephew recently! I decided I needed to find something cute to make for him. I got inspiration from here to make washcloth lollipops. 

The first time I rolled them up, they looked more like flowers. I added two more washcloths to make the ring larger, and they looked more like a lollipop. 

The sticks are baby spoons!

I took step-by-step photos as I made these, but they have disappeared from my camera. I thought I uploaded everything before I cleared my memory card, but I didn't. Sad. Anyway, I ended up with three extra spoons, so I wrapped them together as one stick. 


I printed out an image of real lollipop and taped it to the cellophane sack around the three-as-one spoons. 

I really did take several finished photos, but I don't have them. Thankfully Crystal, my sister-in-law, took this photo of the finished product. 

I wrote, "Happy Birthday, Colton! We're a sucker for you already!"

Get it? Sucker....lollipop. 

I was pleased with the project, and it was the perfect hospital gift. Small and cute, but easy to get home. And useful!


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