September 11, 2011

It's time: 10 years!

My BFF (best friend forever), Kathy, and I have always celebrated our Friend-versary. We met at Hendrix College on September 8, 2001. To commemorate our friend love, we give each other the appropriate anniversary gift per the year. Ten years is tin and diamond. 

I found this clock here, and I was inspired to make a "diamond encrusted" clock for Kathy. 

First, I found a clock at an antique store, but it was too shiny. 

So I decided to spray paint it. 

With glitter! I mean, diamond dust. 

Once it was dry, I began adding the jewels: "diamonds." 
I had two different sizes of diamonds around the sides and on the alarm bells. 

For the face of the clock, I used a "diamond" trim from the fabric department. 

Happy Diamond Year Anniversary, Kathy!

1 comment:

  1. Wait a second...are you telling me that clock isn't covered with real diamonds?! Does our love mean nothing to you?!

    To the extensive Allison-blog-reading audience, the other traditional 10 year anniversary gift is tin and aluminum (just as exotic and exciting as diamonds!). Due to budgetary constraints, I presented Allison with a gift made with tin. Just keepin' it classy.


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