June 29, 2010

It's Not the Dogs at the Dog Park That Bug Me

With Chris back this weekend, I thought it might be fun to take Grace to the Shelby Farms Off-Leash Dog Park. They were having a little celebration Saturday in honor of the new fountain and dog-washing station that's been installed. 

We've never really taken Grace to dog parks because she never seems to care that much for other dogs. She does seem to have an eye for other labs, but that's just about it. 

I mean, she thinks she's human and all. But I had heard the off-leash area of the park was really extensive and had a lake. I knew Grace would at least enjoy running around like a crazy person for a while. 

So we went. 


I soon remembered that the reason I don't love dog parks is not because of the dogs usually, it's because of the other owners. I'm sure this is the case on the playground when you have kids, but we're not there yet. Some owners are hollering at their dogs for all the wrong reasons, and others needed to holler at their dogs. 

And, have you noticed that owners often look like their dogs?

And, what do you think our dog did? First thing? Plopped right down in the mud. She's that kid at the playground. I understand it was cool on her belly, but the other dog-parents judged us a little, or felt sorry for us. 

We retreated away from the mud to the lake area of the park. It really is impressive, and there are dogs and owners everywhere, just playing and running around.

We were given a Frisbee when we got there, and Grace loved running after it.

A pack of labs found her, but I think it was more than she bargained for. 

Here's The Face after she had been swimming. I think she was  happy. 

She even found a tennis ball in the grass, and she was pretty proud of herself. 

We did run into this little guy. He was two months old, and my heart quivered at how fluffy and sweet and carry-able Grace was at that age.

Then I remembered the pee and the poop, and I moved on. 

I think these two were  happy to be reunited. 

We may make more trips to the dog park. We'll just know that we'll be coming home with a muddy, wet, tired dog. 

Tired being the best part. 


  1. Wasn't there supposed to a brand new doggy wash? So wouldn't Grace be all clean and wet and non-muddy for the trip home?

  2. Oh yes. The wash was there, but totally taken over with owners and kids trying to wash their uncooperative dogs...note the mud puddle. So we opted for a dip in the lake and a full bath when we got home.


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