June 14, 2010

My Wedding Box

As promised, here are the contents of my wedding box. I know that a lot of people do scrapbooks, etc., but I went for a box. 

The first thing I uncovered was our CD, which I already shared.
Then I found our ceremony program. It was front and back. We had a high mass, Catholic ceremony, presided over by the Abbot of Subiaco Academy. There was a lot to explain!

I remember loving our monogram, and feeling very official when I saw it in print.

These were the little shiny pieces in my bouquet.

This was our rehearsal dinner invitations. We had our rehearsal dinner at The Captial Hotel in Little Rock, and Ashley's catered. It was divine.

This is the invitation for my bridesmaids luncheon at Brave New.

This is our ticket from our night's stay at The Capital the night of our wedding. I really like it because it said, "Allison Roberts, Honeymoon Night," as if that was part of my name.

This is our wedding invitation. Oh I loved it. You can't really tell, but it had a soft fabric overlay that I thought was really pretty. Chris and I picked out our invitations together, and we immediately agreed on this one. I think the invitation lady was pretty surprised I brought him with me, but it was great.

I was in the paper. I wonder what those other brides are doing these days.

This is a rose that I cut off of each of my bridesmaids dresses. I really liked the A-line dresses, but they had this terrible rose on the hips. I took a pair of scissors and cut those off pronto!

This is just a little look into my wedding box. I've really enjoyed going back through the box because I can remember all those decisions I made, and I remember how each of them were so significant. 

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