June 1, 2010

We enjoy our farm

Chris and I took a long weekend and visited my family's alpaca/black Angus beef farm. Before we left, Chris gave me my 5-year anniversary gift early. He took me to a camera store and let me buy a new fancy camera. He gave me the gift early, our anniversary is June 11th, because he wanted me to have the camera at my family's farm this weekend. I was able to take so many great photos that I created some slide shows to share with  my family who wasn't able to be there.

I want to donate an entire post to my new love, the camera, so this post is about what I have done with the camera so far. It's also about how I don't wear makeup or pretty clothing on our farm. Sorry.

Here are the slide shows that I have made so far. 



  1. This was so awesome. We know you had a wonderful time. Love you!

  2. Great pictures! I love that farm and I NEED to go there. That's all.

  3. I want that pizza grill oven thing. How cool.


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