November 8, 2010

I Got Older!

I had a birthday, and just like that I'm an entire year older. 

Nothing like a birthday as an excuse to have lunch with the family!

 My new favorite photo. Period.

Although these are pretty great. My grandparents are funny people...or at least Jenny thinks Thad is pretty funny.

Love them!

Testing out my interval timer shooting, and this is what I got the first time.

Now that's better.

And Jack brought me a cake!!

So pretty...and yummy!

Mom was happy I had a birthday.

Chris gave me a new piece of glass for my glass collection.

It's a pumpkin! And the box in the background was part of the gift too. It was made by a local artist, and it's out of black walnut.

Then Chris and Thad headed outside to test Chris' new bass fly rod.

And I took a picture of my glitter TOMS. They were festive for my birthday.

And the final hurrah was getting my interval timer working. Thad had the idea that we could do four shots back to back, and each time the next person in line would raise his/her arm.

Such a great time with family. Including this guy.

It's the birthday and birth-day girls.

Thanks for having us mom and Jack.

See? It was my birthday!


  1. You're right, I was happy you had a birthday and so glad you spent it with us. Great pictures.

  2. Great pictures! I like how Chris decided to open his mouth in the last picture since he didn't get to raise his arm.


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