November 2, 2010


Weekend before last, I was able to meet up with two of my very best girlfriends for some fun in Austin.
The amazing part was how it all worked out. Kathy and I rotate who visits who, and it was my turn to go to Austin. We had been planning the weekend for the fall for a while, and the only weekend that seemed to be perfect for both of us was weekend before last. So we booked it. 

And then guess what? Anna told Kathy that she had a free plane ticket to use, and was going to come to Austin to see her mom (who lives there) and wanted to see Kathy too. It was the SAME weekend that I would be there!!

Totally great how we were all brought back together. 

So now on to what we did. 

I arrived before Anna, so Kathy and I had time to set up her welcoming party.

I know it's not really evident, but Kathy does not do this for a living. 

It was a success!

Kathy found her passenger.

Friday night was titled: Eat & Drink While Wearing Loungewear Night. 

Kathy fixed us a delicious dinner.
Yes, I'm showing you dessert first!!

She made an incredible basil dressing for the salad.

And, her fresh tomato lasagna was a repeat recipe for sure. I didn't even mind the tofu!

After eating, we spent some time on the couch catching up. Anna had a cuddle buddy, Pepper. 

There is something nice about having friends who you can sit on the couch with in your loungwear and talk the night away.

Kathy was also finalizing our plans for Saturday.

Stay tuned to see what you can do on a Saturday in Austin!

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