November 29, 2010

Two in One

I feel like I had two holidays in one this weekend. 

Thanksgiving went great, and I really enjoyed it. Friday was recovery day, and Saturday was Decorate For Christmas Day. 

I have to be honest. I didn't have 100% this year. Maybe because I was still coming down from the Thanksgiving high, but when I saw these

And these

And this

I became a little overwhelmed.
But the process had to begin, and so did I.

 Porter thought he would be helpful and watch over me and my fluffing.

Porter then thought he would get out the lights for me. 

I continued working, Chris continued sweeping up behind me and Grace slept. 

Will our Christmas house ever come together?


  1. Please come to my house while I am gone this week and put up my Christmas decorations. It will be like old times <:-)

  2. Two points:

    1) Fluffing the tree is the suckiest job in Christmas decoring. Ie. it should have been assigned to Chris.

    2) Kudos to having everything in easy to use totes. Totes are a pillar of our home seasonal decor organization.


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