November 3, 2010

A Saturday Morning in Austin

Kathy planned some really fun outings for us on Saturday. But first, we had to have a group photo. Thankfully, I had my handy dandy tabletop tripod from my grandfather, so it made it a breeze.

Our first stop was an olive orchard, where we took a tour and then did a tasting. It was a ways out of town, but ended up being a pretty drive. With lots of directional help along the way. 

 We made it to the orchard, and it was a beautiful day.

Here are some olive trees.

If you ever need a model to pretend to eat a bruised olive off the ground, Anna is your girl.

Here's the owner of the orchard. He not only told us all about the history of olives, but really the entire history of the civilized world. The man had a lot to share.

FYI: these are asparagus bushes. Who knew?

We got to visit the processing room where they were grinding the olives, which had been harvested the day before,  into olive oil. Here's Anna peering into the whirling grinder.

They grind the olives whole to make oil, and this bucket catching the pumice, or remaining pulp. See? I told you we learned a lot.

These olives were picked just the day before!

And we had a few photo opts. 

Next stop, LUNCH!

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