January 4, 2011

The Best Christmas Gift of All

Seriously, taking a vacation, leaving the day after Christmas, is just such a brilliant plan.
You're on a high from all the Christmas festivities, but also kind of tired and over wrought after the packages, wrapping paper, gift-giving, etc. 
So my family packs up and heads to the beach the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. 

This was the setting for our week of relaxation. 

Do I look relaxed? Cold maybe, but also relaxed.

All of these outdoor photos were taken with the polarized filter Chris got me for Christmas. A very thoughtful gift, and it was fun because I got to test it out right away.

Doesn't my man's silhouette look thoughtful as he ponders life while walking the beach alone? 

That evening we hung out at the house and opened some gifts with the family. 
I LOVE this photo. I think it looks just like them, if that makes sense. 

Two of my favorite people.

Family and friends!

The girls.

Okay, this photo makes me laugh out loud. I look so creepy! It doesn't even look like me at all. (hopefully) 

I feel like there is a Disney villain, or sidekick, who I look like. Hilarious!
That's how much I love you blog world, I'm sharing photos like this one. 

Let's end with a cute pic of the girls so you won't have nightmares.

Thankfully, there are more beach posts to come so this one will soon be pushed out of your memory. Feel free to leave me a comment with the Disney character I resemble. 

In the picture up there, people!

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  1. You did get some beautiful pictures with that new lens. We had such a good time. How can a week pass so fast?


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