January 3, 2011


Christmas morning began with a cup of coffee in my Christmas mug with matching spoon. 

Chris watched his traditional Christmas morning movie: A Christmas Story

Then it was time for presents!
(Be aware that these photos are pre-shower. I mean, who can postpone present opening for a shower?)

Here are some highlights:

A dress,  chili pepper lights and chili spices from my dad:

From Kathy, a beautiful purse, which I'm using right now:

Super cute measuring cups from Laura:

I gave Chris a mug with several pictures of Grace on it:

And then for his big gift

A new razor! Ahhh

Chris gave me a rain jacket, which I truly needed on our vacation, a polarized lens for my camera, again great for our vacation, and socks.

Don't laugh. This girl begs for socks every year. I truly do! I can't get enough cute socks. However, they must be Gold-Toe socks. I'm probably the only person excited to receive socks, I know!

Porter didn't necessarily get a gift this Christmas, but a living room full of wrapping paper, tape and trash makes for a happy cat.

Then it was time to give Grace her yearly gift. Her birthday is actually Christmas Eve, and I always buy her a soft animal toy with a squeaker in it. Usually she tears into it in 5 seconds, rips out the squeaker and carries around the un-stuffed animal the rest of the year. 
It was year of the bunny this year: 

Surprisingly,  she seemed to love it, and it has become more of her baby doll than a rough, hunting toy. See, she's kissing it. 

Porter soon grew tired of the activities and found something to lay on. 

After we ate, it was time to pack and head on our family vacation.

What's better than Christmas? 

Having a week-long vacation to recover from Christmas!


  1. Love it - looks like you had a great Christmas!


  2. That purse is CUTE (if I don't say so myself!). Glad you are enjoying it!

    p.s. I like the bookcase near the counter...very convenient. I think it's new to me since I saw you in February. :)


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