January 20, 2011

Snow Day!

We saw more snow today in the South. 

Grace got a face full.

This very intent look?

Stick had been covered with snow, and she was contemplating getting wet and cold to retrieve it.

What do you think she did?

Porter enjoyed the snow from the indoors. You can tell from his yawn that he was less than impressed.



  1. OMG....clicked your headline from a random blog and totally in awe that your pets' names are exactly the same as ours [were].

    We had a lovely 9 y/o black lab named Grace that we had to put down this November :( (hardest thing I've done ever) and still have a 3 y/o springer spaniel named....Porter!

    Enjoy your snow - CO has not seen much of it this winter

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment. So sorry to hear about your Grace. I've never come across anyone else with a pet named Porter. How funny that you also had a Grace. Love it!


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