January 7, 2011

I Got Shellaced!

No, it's nothing painful. It's a new manicure technique. 
You can read more about it here:

Basically, they bake your nails under the blue-light box after each layer. 

I had it done at The Nail Bar on the Island with some friends. 

I had my shellacing on December 22nd, and today, January 7, 2011, I have NO chips. They really do still look shiny and perfect. 

The only problem is that my nails have grown, and you can see my regular nails below the polish now. It's obviously time to take it off--which you can do by soaking in acetone--but they still overall look so good that it's difficult.

The shellac manicure costs more than a regular manicure, but it truly does last longer. Therefore the price makes sense to me.

So get shellaced!!

***This is not a paid advertisement. I just like my nails!***


  1. I got shellaced around the same time that you did. Although mine did last about a week longer than a regular manicure, it did not last as long as yours. Way to go Nail Bar! I have to add that one other advantage to the shellac is that it dries instantly. No more waiting around or having to be "super careful" while putting the keys in the ignition (I think that's always the hardest thing to do with semi-dry nails). It's great!

  2. The drying time is such a good point! It's a relief to be able to leave the nail salon and not worry about banging your nails on something or scratching them up within minutes.


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