January 6, 2011

Book It!

Do y'all remember the reading program Book It from grade school? We got pins with stickers, and for every 10 books you read, you got a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut. 

I ate a lot of pizza in grade school. 

I miss things like that. Now if I eat a lot of pizza, I just gain weight--not revered for my reading skills. 

Chris and I own a lot of books, and one of my favorite collections of books is my cookbook collection. 

I enjoy cooking so much that I'm always up for a new cookbook, filled with inspiration and recipes that I will cook once and then re-cook my way.
Anyway, my cookbooks have recently been stored in the cabinets above the microwave. This was sad for a few reasons. Mostly because I am short, and reaching them was a hassle. The other sad part was that they were hidden from the world....and me really. 

Thankfully, I have a VERY talented friend who makes furniture. Real, live furniture. And, one of you observant blog readers noticed my new bookcase in my kitchen. 

She made this!!!

And the CORKS holder on top. Yep, she's amazing.

Can you believe it? It even has cute, cute bead board in the back. 

It even has subtle distressing on the edges, which makes it fit in perfectly in my house.

So now my cookbooks have their own pretty home, and I can gaze upon then whenever I wish.


1 comment:

  1. Aw, yay! So glad the bookcase got a post! It does look great sitting there in your kitchen.

    Btw, I'm officially ready to start working on a table for your kitchen, too. Let's talk soon!


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