July 4, 2011

Homemade cocktail treats

I was inspired by Martha Stewart's pickled cocktail additions, and I decided to try one of hers and one creation of mine. I chose her pickled radishes, perfect for martinis, and then I researched homemade maraschino cherries, perfect for manhattans. 

First I pitted the fresh cherries.

Perfect little holes.

I then filled two jars with the pitted, fresh cherries. I left the stems on them so they would look fresh and pretty. 

Then I took a bottle of cherry liqueur....

and poured it over the cherries.

Hello, deep, dark mysterious cherry jars.

And, I made custom labels and tied cute bows around the jars. 

I followed Martha's recipe exactly, and put the radishes in a jar with a fun clasp.

They got custom labels too.

These made perfect gifts, especially for someone who likes martinis and manhattans! I made these for Jack for Father's Day.

The cherries were just as beautiful in a drink!

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