July 18, 2011

Saturday project

After my anniversary gift of  a new table and chairs, I knew the next step in our dining room was the walls. They were blank and boring

and the large mirror didn't make as much sense in its place anymore since the table was moved. 

So I contemplated ideas. And, I contemplated some more. And, then I decided I wanted it done. 

I used this as inspiration, from House Full of Pretty: 

I checked Hobby Lobby's web site, and they had all their frames half off this weekend! I ran to the store and purchased a ton of different sizes and styles of frames. Then I came home and hung them on my wall. Some of the frames I already knew what I would put in them, but others I still don't. I wanted them all hung on the wall so I could then live with them and decide what should go in each frame.

You may ask if I drew out the design I wanted before hanging them. No.

You may ask if I arranged them on a table or the floor to find the perfect shape. Nope. 

I hung them on the wall. And I got this:

I'm very happy with the way it turned out, and I have room to build on it over time. 

The mirror got a new home on the opposing wall, and it fits the space much better. 

The view from the front door. I think the dining space looks much more open and spacious. 

You can see that several of the frames still have their pretend image inside them. And, I got a few items that weren't and won't be framed artwork to mix it up a bit. You can see a C tile here. 

The green photo is a photo I took at an olive orchard in Austin with my BFFs Kathy and Anna. The sunset is a photo Chris took in Taos last year, and the wooden saint piece is a work of art from my mom from Santa Fe, and it depicts the saint for writers, journalists and editors, Saint Frances de Sales.

I'm leaving this wooden frame empty to help break up the textures. 

And, some of the frames are actually boxes. 

This is a piece of scrapbook paper that I found; really liked the print and colors; and covered the photo box filler with it. 

I'm really happy with how this project turned out, and I'm excited to fill in my frames. Stay tuned!

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