July 26, 2011

My art box

When I was much younger, I was given this: 

Inside is this:

My mom gave this art box back to me several weeks ago. Do your parents and/or grandparents do this to you? They've been holding on to all your old stuff, and they plot to reunite you with things you had long since forgotten about? So re-entered my art box into my life.

As I'm working on my new wall in the dining room, I determined I would attempt to make a piece of art. I'm really no painter at all, or sketcher, drawer, sculpture or the like, but I figured worse case would be just throwing my art away. I already had the supplies!

For my project, I focused on the watercolors. I have no idea why. They just spoke to me. 

A few days ago, Google's homepage was pea pods that spelled Google. Pea pods are special in my family, relating to a baby counting book I would always want to read involving a pea pod with one falling out. 

So I saved the Google homepage. 

I enlarged the image and focused on one pea pod. Then I outlined the edges so I could trace them. 

I played with the watercolors on a scrap of the same paper I was painting. 

And then I painted a pea pod. 

It dried a little brighter than I planed on, but for my first water coloring attempt, I find it to be a keeper. 

I've added it to my dining room wall; however, I'm waiting on a few more prints before I unveil the completed wall. For now, I'm just focusing on the fact that I painted a pea pod with water colors from approximately 1987. 

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  1. Aren't you glad parents keep things :-)


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